Casa de Soto. It will touch your soul.

More than 25 years of international experience

Casa de Soto is part of the Brotherfood Quality group with more than 25 years of international experience.

En Casa de Soto We are specialists in Hams and Sausages.

The Pleasure of Ours, Sharing and Celebrating

The flavor of our hams is intense and complex, with notes of walnuts, pine and herbs.

Alpujarra Cured Hams

Our ham is an artisanal product, with a smooth texture and well-distributed fat, visible even in the rind of the ham.

Treveléz Ham, Reserve Ham and Gran Reserva Ham.

Serrano Ham

At lunchtime, for dinner, for a snack, in snacks at recess or to devour in bites when you return from the party. Ham is one of those foods that cannot be missing at home.

Mini Ham, Serrano Gran Reserva, Serrano Reserve, Serrano Bodega, Sliced ​​Serrano Bodega and Mini Ham Taquitos.


We all enjoyed eating Iberian sausages.

The tradition of eating sausages goes back a long way in our history but it is part of who we are. The sausages have been consumed in the most unexpected places such as outer space, or else ask the astronaut Pedro Duque, who brought Iberian chorizo ​​on one of his trips.

Pork Loin, Chorizo ​​Vela Extra, Salchichón Vela Extra, Mini Chorizo ​​and Salchichón in a Vela Box.