Our 25 years of experience and perfect knowledge of the product have led us to select each ham individually, one by one, at the peak of curing, when the aromas and flavors are at their most expressive point, giving rise to a ham of rich nuances. The Culmen of the Ham.

Few things are as ours as Serrano Ham.

We enjoy Sharing it in Celebrations big and small, and it is present in our big moments.

Like the essential ham appetizer at Christmas, the classic breakfast of ham with tomato to start the day off right, or that tapa of ham that we share with friends on a Friday night…

Its flavor takes us to those memories, and makes us feel at home.

At Casa de Soto we carefully prepare our hams full of passion and tradition.

The pleasure of ours

Ham is a symbol of our cuisine and a gastronomic claim throughout the world.

Serrano ham is part of our history and culture, which constitutes a fundamental element in the Mediterranean diet. In addition, its curing and processing are an art in themselves that have remained almost intact over the years.

Essential in all kitchens and restaurants in our country, and an essential part of our culture.


We love to share our projects, joys and even our sorrows with friends, family or work colleagues… but always around a table, sharing a portion of ham, ham toasts, etc. Sharing Casa de Soto.

Celebrate and Enjoy

“Any excuse is good to celebrate” is more than a set phrase, it is what makes us who we are.

We enjoy getting together not only at major events or special dates, but also to celebrate our achievements, that our team is playing a final, that exams have finished or simply that it’s Friday and the weekend starts, whatever the reason, we celebrate.

We celebrate because we love to do it while enjoying our favorite foods, and it fills us with happiness.

Any excuse is a good one to celebrate, but ham is always present, always with Casa de Soto.